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Mistakes Pet Owners Make When Purchasing Pet Insurance

The moment you decide to add a pet companion to your family, there are all sorts of exciting emotions you can feel, and you can’t help but cuddle and hang out with your new four-legged friend. But providing your pet the best life is not always easy. You need to consider a lot of things, … Continue reading

How to Choose a Reliable Pet Insurance Provider

Being here and reading this article, there’s no doubt you love your furry friends – and thanks to the veterinary care, quality nutritional products, and pet insurances, they get to enjoy a longer lifespan. Whether you want to avail of an expensive or the most affordable pet insurance in Brooklyn, New York, your goal is … Continue reading

Breed: Why Is It a Crucial Factor When Choosing Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance can save you time and money from trips to the vet. With the right coverage, your pets can live longer and healthier. But how can you find excellent coverage? The trick to finding the best pet insurance in Manhattan, New York lies in one crucial factor – your pet’s breed. You need to … Continue reading

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Essential Pet Care Insights for Both Dogs and Cats

Pets have a unique way of helping their owners de-stress after a long and exhausting day. Besides, many homeowners also consider having pets for therapy and security purposes. And to keep their pets for a long time, many even take time to look for the best pet insurance in Manhattan, New York. To further uphold … Continue reading

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Want to Save on Your Pet’s Insurance? Consider These Tips

Our furry friends at home also deserve quality healthcare. They’ve made us smile on many occasions, especially when they greet us after a long workday. And keeping them healthy is a great way to keep them for a long time. However, if you’re concerned about the cost of the best pet insurance in Manhattan, New … Continue reading

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Considerations to Keep in Mind When Looking for Pet Insurance

Our furry canine or feline friends never fail to give us some form of enjoyment at home. As pet owners, it is important to find a health and emergency coverage to keep them healthy for a longer time. If you’re now looking for the best pet insurance in Manhattan, New York, consider these three factors … Continue reading

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Planning to Get a Pet: Things You Need to Bear in Mind

Their sweet face never fails to uplift our mood, especially after a long and stressful workday. Just looking at their wagging tail and cuddly figure gives us the stress relief that we need. These are just two of the reasons we want pets at home. But, as a pet owner, be sure to look into … Continue reading

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Have Pet Cats at Home? Don’t Feed Them These Foods

Feeding our feline companies at the right times of the day shows we care about their wellbeing. But not all foods are good for them. Yes, it helps if you can avail of the best pet insurance in Manhattan, New York to cover their vet cost. To keep them away from diseases, avoid giving them … Continue reading

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Coverage Areas Your Pet Insurance Policy Should Include

Perhaps, your furry friend’s wagging tail is enough to uplift your mood on your bad days. So as a pet owner, it’s but right to give them the best pet insurance in Manhattan, New York to keep them for a long time. But with the wealth of choices you probably have, which coverage should you … Continue reading

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Common Health Problems Your Dogs Probably Suffer without Your Knowledge

Seeing them wag their tail with delight when they see you makes you feel awesome, right? Behind their jovial nature, your canine companions also have unique health needs. If you like to keep them for long, perhaps it’s time to look for the best pet insurance in Manhattan, New York. It also helps if you’d … Continue reading

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What You Need to Do Before Leaving Dogs on Their Own

Imagine the way your dog looks up at you before you head to work in the morning. Can you ever imagine leaving that adorable face behind? While the look on your pets’ faces practically begs you to take them along, most of the time, it’s not really something you can do. For one thing, most … Continue reading

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A 3-Item Health Checklist for Your Pet Dogs

We love our dogs to death, but there are times when we forget to give them a wellness check. These health assessments are important as it keeps us updated on our pet’s true condition. They may seem fine and healthy on the outside, but we can never be too sure. A simple visit to the … Continue reading

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Properly Caring for Your Four-Legged Friend

Four-legged friends such as dogs and cats are delightful creatures. At The Insured Pet, we know that pet owners have a soft spot for their pets because they love them and intend for them to remain in their lives forever. Because of this, it is important to take proper care of your pets to ensure … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Being a Dog Owner

Not everyone is fond of pets. Man’s best friend is said to be a dog, but for some, owning an animal of any sort seems to be more work than pleasure. Yes, you will have to clean up poop, hair will get everywhere (depending on what kind of dog you get), and your little ball … Continue reading

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Tips That Can Help Lengthen Your Pet’s Life

Pets bring a lot of joy into our lives They become a part of the family. They join us in our ups in downs. And for the record, they can even put a smile on our faces when times get hard. We all want our pets to stay with us forever, but unfortunately, their lifespan … Continue reading

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Things You Should Consider Before Adopting a Dog

Are you excited to adopt a dog? Having a canine buddy around the house is always a delight. Their sprightly demeanor will put a smile on your face. But before you head over to the adoption center or meet with a local breeder, The Insured Pet has listed a few things you should look into … Continue reading

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Finding the Best Insurance for Your Pet

We all want to ensure that our pets are able to receive only the very best care possible, whenever they need it. This is why it is so important to find the best pet insurance in Manhattan, New York. However, there are many different kinds of pet insurance out there and some are going to … Continue reading

What You Need to Know When Looking for a Veterinarian

The health of our pets is something that we all value. For this reason, it is important to take the time to find a veterinarian that can provide the care our furry companions deserve. However, there is a lot that goes into finding a good vet because not all veterinarians are all the same. Some … Continue reading

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Pet Injury and Operation Aftercare: How to Help Your Dog Recover and Regain Full Health

Even when you take measures in ensuring that your beloved furry companion stays safe and unharmed, there may be instances when they would fall victim to disease or injury. Sometimes, when these happen, major medical procedures, such as surgery, may be required. In order to rid them of the disease, remove harmful substances in their … Continue reading

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Reasons Why Pet Insurance is Important for Your Beloved Companion

Needless to say, we embrace and treat dogs, cats, and other companion animals as members of our family. Many of us do not only handle the responsibilities of taking care of a pet seriously, but even they go the extra mile in ensuring our furry family member’s safety, comfort, and happiness. A lot of us … Continue reading

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