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Searching for the best pet insurance should be a SIMPLE process. At The Insured Pet, we offer an easy and convenient way for you to get the right pet insurance plan. To simplify this process, check out our pet insurance reviews, get quotes and compare plans and prices, and from there, you will be able to confidently choose the right one for your pet. At The Insured Pet, “Insuring Your Pet is Now Made Simple.”

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About Us

The Insured Pet was formed in 2018 by passionate pet owners who know pet insurance. Finding the right pet insurance for your pet should not be a difficult process. At The Insured Pet, insuring your pet is now made simple.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help every pet owner get their pet insured. Our company name, The Insured Pet, is also our mission, and that is for every pet to be The Insured Pet. So in the case of an illness or accident, the pet owner will be prepared to fully take care of their pet.

Vision Statement

What doctors can do for humans today, veterinarians can do the same for pets. Some of these conditions are expensive to treat. This is why our vision to help pet owners understand pet insurance, how pet insurance works, and help them confidently choose the right pet insurance for their pet.

Why Use Us

Headquarted in New York, The Insured Pet is a pet insurance review and advisory site that is completely independent. We are not controlled by a third party insurance company that dictates what we do and how we serve our customers. This means we provide our services with YOUR pet’s needs as the first and foremost priority. We know pet insurance coverage inside and out because we have made it our business to help you take better care of your pet.

Benefits of Using our Website

When you use The Insured Pet website:

  • Zero Cost – You can use our site completely free-of-charge. You can get quotes from your preferred insurance providers and our website will not affect the rates you get in any way.
  • Easy Communication- You will find our website easy to use and you will find our explainer videos helpful.
  • Convenience and Savings – You save time and money by getting quotes from multiple providers all from one place on the internet.
  • Comparative View – Here, you can see a comparative view of insurance plans from different providers. This helps you make an informed decision when you choose the plan that fits your budget and your pet’s requirements.
  • Our Partners – We have partnered with the top pet insurance companies in America offering the best coverage and plans so we can bring you the most value – worthy insurance policies.
  • Perfect Policy – You can land on a pet insurance policy that is exactly what you want. You won’t be forced to enroll just because it’s the only one available. Here, you get choices and that’s important if you intend to find the perfect insurance policy for the pet you love.
  • Serving all the USA – We are here to serve all the pet owners in the USA.

Our website has generated countless pet insurance quotes since being launched. Today, we continue to serve one customer after another, ensuring that they log off of our website feeling satisfied with their choices and assured of their pet’s future.