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7 Memories to Make with Your Dog

by Shawn Mack
Guest Blogger
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October 21, 2021


From the very first moment when a playful puppy comes into your life to the terrible time when your gentle fellow kicks the calendar, the bond you share with your dog is worthy of celebration and honor. You wish there would be a magical elixir or potion to make dogs live longer than their life expectancy. But the sadness is inevitable, and you must prepare yourselves to say goodbye when their time comes.

Meanwhile, look back and celebrate the recollection of unforgettable moments that you spend with your baby. It is a way to keep them alive as long as you live. In this short worldly life, create and collect as many memories with your dog as you can because it gives you hope and a sense of continued life. This article covers the seven tips to make every moment of life memorable with your dog and a reminiscence that would be stitched to your heart forever!

  1. Traveling

    Traveling is the most memorable way to spend the days with your furry fellow. Whether by a road trip, or hiking, find excuses to spend your weekend in the best possible way. Select a trail nearby, go for a walk daily to a nearby pond or hit the road to a park but remember, what matters the most is your adventure during the walk or driving.

    Your dog would be happy to see the beautiful mountainous tract or lush green fields along your way. You can also take them shopping. Let them pick their favorite toys and play around.

  2. Play & Paint

    Playing strengthens the bond between you two, prevents dogs’ boredom, and gives an outlet for their instincts. You may find it a little odd, but painting is one of the best ways to make memories with your dog. Bring some paints and let him get creative on a canvas. Get his paw prints and other patterns with his paws. Select a pet-friendly color and collect his magnificent artwork in frames or art books.

  3. Spend a Day at Beach

    Everyone loves a sunny day at the beach. But is it as appealing for your dog as it is to you? Absolutely! Most dogs love the soft breeze blowing their fur and romping on the beach. Play water sports with them and go skating or rafting if your dog is comfy with it. Take a walk with him alongside the beach or let him bask in the bright sunshine. Ensure the coast is dog friendly; otherwise, take your dog to a pool to avoid any mess.

  4. Make Portraits

    Make a custom portrait of your dog with the help of an artist. These are often undertaken from photographs of the dogs after they pass, but it will be more memorable if you create it as a living tribute.

    But we all know a dog is a creature of mischief; it would be challenging to have them seated for a portrait. A custom pet portrait is an excellent option in this regard. Take an ethereal photo of your dog and let an artist portray it. It will be a reminder of all the great times and experiences that you have with your dog.

  5. Celebrations

    Celebrations and festivals are meant to adore and create unforgettable moments in our life. Make your dog a part of the festivity and arrange some events for him too. Plenty of ways are available to make any event special for your dog.

    You can do it by hosting a doggie’s birthday party, giving him gifts, or by setting up a playdate and movie night. Arrange different costumes for your dog at every event, and make amusing decorations to light up your dog’s day.

  6. Spend Time Alone

    Undoubtedly, we all cherish celebrating the joys with our furry fellow. But the best portion of your life comes with the small nameless moments you spend with your dog alone. Take some time from your hectic routine, sit and relax with him.

    Watch the sunrise or sunset together, share your sadness and emotions, and you will be left in awe when he would commiserate with you. These are the moments that you will be valuing all your life.

  7. Make a Photo Album

    Nowadays it takes no time to click a photo. So, make sure to take a picture of your dog or make a movie of your happy moments. Ask your family members to film entertaining moments of mischief that he plays at you.

    Get their paw prints, create something eloquent with their fur, or capture their cute pout. Collect these pictures in a memory book or make a collage. It would be great amusement all along and will bring you a fond recollection and comfort when your dog passes away.

Final Thoughts
A dog fills your life with love, entertainment, and companionship. But his passing lefts a void space in your heart that no one but his long-lasting memories can fill. So, make every moment unforgettable with your dog before it is too late and reinforce the precious bond that you two have.

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