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8 Surprising Food Items That Can Actually Put Your Dog’s Health in Danger

by Jon Vijungco
Managing Director
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November 9, 2018

Woman gives her labrador the dog food in a feeding bowl

Is your pup a hearty eater? Most dogs are. And that’s a good thing because it wouldn’t be difficult to feed them a variety of food items that will boost their nutrition. But as a pet owner, you should be careful.

While non-edible items may come off as an obvious no-no for your canine friend’s diet, there are actually some food products you normally eat which can pose a threat to your dog’s health. (You might have even already fed some of them without knowing about it. Oh no!)

Well, this article aims to enhance your knowledge of pet care.

Read on to learn about several household items you should keep away from your dog as much as possible:

  1. Chocolate
    Dark chocolate is especially dangerous to dogs, thanks to its theobromine and caffeine content. When swallowed, these components can cause toxicosis to dogs and possibly even cause seizures or death.
  2. Coffee
    Just like chocolate, coffee also contains caffeine and can induce similar effects.
  3. Grapes
    It may seem like a healthy snack at first glance, but grapes can actually incite acute renal failure in your canine companion. This includes raisins and other grape products too!.
  4. Macadamia Nuts
    Always be sure to check the cookies you share with your puppy. Your snack might have macadamia nuts which can induce vomiting, fever, weakness, tremors, and other similar symptoms in dogs.
  5. Onions
    Whether fresh or in powder form, onions can be fatal to your pet. Why? It can bring about a case of hemolytic anemia, causing the red blood cells in your bud’s body to burst during circulation.
  6. Garlic
    A lot of our foods make use of garlic to liven up its flavor. But if you’re adding quite a portion of it to your meal, it would be best not to share it with your dog. While a small amount of garlic may be harmless at first, it might lead them to suffer from toxicity.
  7. Avocado
    While avocados are extremely healthy for humans, this type of fruit actually spells trouble for your canine friend. If you don’t want your buddy to suffer an upset stomach, be sure to enjoy your avocado toast alone.
  8. Alcohol
    If you’re trying to celebrate a party, better keep in mind to avoid introducing alcohol to your pup. Their kidneys aren’t as complex as yours and yes, even minute amounts of hard liquor can potentially be fatal to a petite dog.

But sometimes, no matter how careful you look after your furry pet, there will just be unavoidable instances that can put them in harm’s way. (They’re quite quick on their feet to gobble up items we unintentionally drop on the floor, after all!) When that time comes, would you be prepared to get them the medical attention needed? With The Insured Pet, you will always be.

Share this post with your fellow dog owners, so that they too can improve the safety of their canine companions.

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