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Breed: Why Is It a Crucial Factor When Choosing Pet Insurance?

by Jon Vijungco
Managing Director
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May 15, 2020

Breed: Why Is It a Crucial Factor When Choosing Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance can save you time and money from trips to the vet. With the right coverage, your pets can live longer and healthier. But how can you find excellent coverage? The trick to finding the best pet insurance in Manhattan, New York lies in one crucial factor – your pet’s breed.

You need to understand the importance of considering your pet’s breed. The breed is a crucial consideration, especially if you’re looking for the most affordable pet insurance in Brooklyn, New York for your dog or cat. Why so? Specific breeds are predisposed to certain health conditions. The Ragdoll cat, for instance, is prone to kidney problems and hyperthyroidism, while the Persian cat is predisposed to Cystitis. Dalmatians are prone to bladder stones, while the cute and genial Golden Retriever is more likely to develop cancer than other breeds.

Aside from their predisposed ailments, breeds also affect diet requirements and eating behaviors. As a dog owner, you need to feed your pets based on their breed and level of physical activity.

You also need to know what are the cheapest and most expensive breeds of pets to ensure. Many pet insurance providers consider mixed breeds as the cheapest, specifically those females that are small and spayed. Meanwhile, the most costly ones are those large dogs, as well as those short-nosed ones and purebreds.

Predisposed illnesses could cause additional vet costs, especially on surgeries and meds. Before you get an insurance policy for your pet, take the time to refer them to The Insured Pet. You can also read pet insurance reviews in New York.

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