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Discover the Most Common Health Problems in Older Dogs

by Jon Vijungco
Managing Director
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July 7, 2021

Discover the Most Common Health Problems in Older Dogs

As pet owners, we like to think of our canine pals as eternal puppies who will be around forever, no matter how big or old they get. In reality, dogs get older and become more susceptible to health conditions just like us. That is why it’s crucial to find the best pet insurance in Manhattan, New York, especially if your dog is approaching his senior years.

In this regard, we will discuss the most common health problems that usually affect older dogs:

  • Joint Problems
    The most common cause of joint stiffness and pain in older dogs is osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a progressive degenerative disease that has no cure. However, several treatments can help reduce pain and slow progression. Some of the most affordable pet insurance in Brooklyn, New York offers coverage for osteoarthritis.
  • Hearing and Vision Loss
    Tissue degeneration in the ears and eyes can cause deafness and blindness in dogs. Hearing loss usually becomes permanent as a result of aging. Meanwhile, the latter is usually caused by cataracts. Although it can be surgically removed, many dogs experience difficulty moving around afterward.
  • Heart Problems
    A common form of heart disease found in dogs is congestive heart failure. This occurs when the heart is unable to pump blood efficiently, resulting in fluids backing up in the chest cavity and the heart. This can lead to difficulty breathing, coughing, and unexplained vomiting.

To prepare for your pet’s old age, we recommend getting pet insurance early to ensure your canine pal receives the best treatment. For more information, The Insured Pet provides pet insurance reviews in New York to help you pick the perfect plan for you and your pet.

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