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Dreaming on Cloud 9: Dog Health and Sleep

by Jon Vijungco
Managing Director
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October 15, 2021


If your canine best friend is not playing, they are most likely sleeping. However, instead of a peaceful slumber, you notice your dog is kicking as if they were running. Often, you may hear them howl softly in their sleep. Should you be worried?

Not really, because they might be dreaming! Yes, just like humans, animals can also dream. The American Kennel Club shares that most vertebrates go through various sleep cycles:

  • Periods of Wakefulness
  • REM or Rapid Eye Movement
  • Non-Rapid Eye Movement Sleep

Our REM cycle is responsible for making the most vivid and memorable dreams. Scientists believe that the REM cycle is also responsible for how the body processes memory. This means that, just like us, our dogs may also dream about their daily activities. If you notice your furry baby twitching their legs and making sounds, they must be dreaming about running or playing with a friend.

But in the end, we can never be sure what our pets dream. They also live unique lives, so their sleep endeavors will also be different.

Still, as a responsible pet owner, you have to keep a keen eye on your pet. Ensuring their rest is vital for their health. Aside from that, constant thrashing in their sleep might be a result of a health problem.

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