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From a NYC Veterinary Practice Manager To All NYC Pet Parents – Getting Pet Insurance Will Give You Peace of Mind…….

by Andrea Pollard
Guest Blogger
insured pet
July 5, 2018

man and dog in the city

To all NYC pet parents whether you are living in Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Manhattan, or the Bronx, owning a pet in NYC is expensive. In fact, the cost of owning a pet and the cost of veterinary care here in NYC is the highest in the United States. As a Veterinary Practice Manager at a very busy animal hospital here in Queens, NY, we highly recommend getting pet insurance. As a pet owner, you will have choices, and best of all, you will have peace of mind. Here are a few important reasons for getting pet insurance as a NYC pet owner:

  • Unexpected Situations
    Pet care can be very expensive and when the unexpected happens and your pet needs medical care, it can cost a fortune especially here in NYC. A trip to an emergency hospital such as Blue Pearl or the Animal Medical Center can easily drain your bank account. So having the best pet insurance while living in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, or the Bronx with your pet , can make a big difference financially and mentally.
  • Quality of Life
    Pet insurance can also help with quality of life as well. Not only is pet insurance used to help with emergency situations but it can also make routine check-ups much more affordable. At our hospital, we recommend our patients to look into wellness or preventative plans as well. Here in NYC, wellness care can exceed $1000/year, so a pet insurance plan offering wellness is a plan to consider.
  • Serious Illnesses
    Pets can get an assortment of serious and life-threatening illnesses. When your pet is diagnosed with a disease such as diabetes, cancer, or hips dysplasia, treatments can exceed $ 5,000 or more. Pet Insurance will greatly help here. In fact, a few of the pet insurance can pay the vet directly, which can help the pet owner in NYC tremendously. This way the pet owner will only have to pay a small portion of the bill, and the pet insurance company can take care of the rest.

These are just a few of the many different reasons why it is important to have pet insurance as a pet parent in NYC. If you are looking for the most affordable pet insurance in NYC, we recommend you check out, NY based pet insurance review and advisory site where you can learn, compare, and choose the best plan that will best suit you and your pet. They also have a blog which features NYC pet stories and pet insurance reviews of the top pet insurance companies offering the best plans for NYC pet owners.

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