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Have Pet Cats at Home? Don’t Feed Them These Foods

by Jon Vijungco
Managing Director
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October 10, 2019

Have Pet Cats at Home? Don’t Feed Them These Foods

Feeding our feline companies at the right times of the day shows we care about their wellbeing. But not all foods are good for them. Yes, it helps if you can avail of the best pet insurance in Manhattan, New York to cover their vet cost. To keep them away from diseases, avoid giving them the following foods:

  • Garlic and OnionsOnions, scallions, and garlic can damage your feline friends’ red blood cells. And this could lead to anemia. Especially when eaten in concentrated forms, these foods can cause lethargy and reduced appetite.
  • Raw Meat, Bones, and EggsRaw eggs, meat, and bones can also cause E. coli poisoning in felines. Signs of E. coli poisoning include diarrhea and vomiting. As cats can eat these foods somewhere else other than from your own kitchen, find the most affordable pet insurance in Brooklyn, New York for them to access vet services if they experience any health problems.
  • Caffeinated Drinks and ChocolateIt’s really the methylxanthines found in caffeinated drinks and chocolates that causes cats to vomit and experience abnormal heart rhythm and muscle tremors.
  • Raisins, Grapes, and Dairy ProductsEven within 12 hours of eating raisins, dairy products, and grapes, cat could become ill and develop kidney failure. It’s also not good for cats to drink milk from another source other than their mother.
  • Dog FoodLastly, don’t feed the dog food to your cats. Dog foods are created based on the nutrition requirements of dogs. The presence of certain nutrients in dog foods could lead to vision, heart, and dental problems for cats.

Consult a vet to know the best foods for your cats. It’s also good to visit The Insured Pet and read pet insurance reviews in New York to know the apt policy to avail for them.

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