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Pet Insurance Is a Reliable and Valuable Tool but…

by Dr. Richard Valdes
Guest Blogger
insured pet
June 21, 2018


Insurance is not your friend but more like a reliable tool… “You hope you never need it but are grateful to have it when you do”. Doing routine maintenance will minimize your need for this tool. The same is true in veterinary medicine.

As a surgeon, I repair injuries that occur due to unfortunate events as well as the removal of tumors that develops over time. Additionally, I perform surgeries that could have been prevented.

Having your pet spayed or castrated at 6 months of age (or earlier) can prevent the development of a certain tumor, hernias, and serious infections.

Having your pet vaccinated will prevent life-threatening infections, which can lead to the need for surgical intervention or prolonged hospitalizations. Proper dental care at home will preserve your pet’s health and avoid expensive dental cleaning and teeth extractions. Parasite prevention (heartworm, flea & tick, and intestinal) is important to prevent metabolic and physiologic changes to your pet as well as potential spread to family members. Lastly, weight management is important in preventing illness, such as diabetes and arthritis.

In conclusion, insurance is a valuable tool to have when your pet needs medical or surgical care. More importantly, is to practice preventive care to avoid these problems. Ideally, insurance should only be needed for that emergency situation. Ask your vet if your pet companion is healthy and how you can maintain this health status. Hopefully, you will never need to use your insurance but be happy knowing it is there when needed.

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