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Pet Insurance

Picking the Right Insurance for Your Pet

by Jon Vijungco
Managing Director
May 21, 2018

Female vet with dog at clinic

Most owners love their pets. Pets often provide companionship and loyalty that people desire. As a result, owners treat their pets as part of their families. They care for them and give them their basic necessities.

Just like humans, though, animals can also suffer from health conditions. If you want your pet to have protection and to save yourself from unexpected out-of-pocket costs, you should consider getting pet insurance. With many insurance plans to chose from, which one should you choose? Here are tips on how you can pick the right insurance plan for your pet.

  1. Get your pets insured while they are still young. Most pet insurance providers do not cover preexisting health conditions. The best time to get pet insurance is when your pet is young and healthy, and nothing has yet developed or noted on the pet record of your pet. This way, claims can be covered and will not be considered a pre-existing condition. So insuring your pet while its young and healthy can really save the pet owner a lot of money.
  2. Decide on the coverage needed for your pets. All insurance plans are not the same. You have to know how much coverage your pets require. First, take a look at the circumstances surrounding your pet. If you know the breed of your pet, make sure those conditions associated with the breed will be covered. Most importantly, and if your budget will allow it, it is best to choose unlimited payout coverage versus one that can max out and possibly run out.
  3. Talk to your veterinarian. The veterinarian knows your pet’s condition so it will be fitting to talk to him or her about pet insurance. Typically, most veterinarians know and understand a variety of insurance plans offered in the market today. Ask for possible recommendations as to which plan will best fit your pet.
  4. Compare several providers. Do not immediately go with the first provider you encounter. Chances are, there are better providers just waiting around. Get information on several providers and make comparisons. Check their track records, their policies and their reimbursement procedures, among others. Go with the one that provides you with the best coverage and service.
  5. Please read before you buy. The most common mistake of many pet owners when getting insurance is that they just buy without reading it. They think that they have everything prepared only to find out in the future that their pet’s situation is not covered by the plan. Always make it a habit to read any document before you buy. If you need guidance on how to pick an insurance plan suitable for your pet, check out The Insured Pet. Go get quotes, check out and compare plans and prices, and from there, confidently choose the best pet insurance that will both protect you and your pet.

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