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Planning to Adopt a Dog? Here Are a Few Things to Keep in Mind

by Jon Vijungco
Managing Director
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December 4, 2018

Planning to Adopt a Dog Here Are a Few Things to Keep in Mind

There is nothing more exciting than welcoming a new dog into your life. However, with that excitement comes a lot of new responsibilities. After all, you’re not simply welcoming a pet, but a new family member. One of the most important concerns for anyone planning to adopt a dog is how to help it transition to its new life. Whether it’s a grown dog or a puppy, you have to be aware of the necessary shots it would need to keep it healthy.Here are some of the other things to consider when adopting a pet dog:

  1. Should you adopt an adult or a puppy?
    If you have kids, then it would be ideal to adopt a dog when it’s still young because that would give it time to get to know you and the rest of your family. Kids tend to be too playful and may suddenly aggravate an adult dog who is still adjusting to its new life. Keep in mind that you don’t exactly know what your new pet has been through and it may not warm up to people easily.
  2. Consider the breed.
    Knowing your dog’s breed means having an idea of what its temperament is as well as knowing what it was originally bred to do. This will help you decide whether to adopt a family dog, guard dog, or a dog which is a little bit of both.
  3. Listen to your heart.
    When visiting the shelter, there will be a few rare times when upon looking at a particular dog in the eye, you will be able to establish a special connection. It doesn’t happen very often, if at all, but when it does, it may just be one of the most beautiful things you will ever experience and is pretty a close feeling to finding a soul mate in a pet.
  4. Make sure you are capable of taking care of your new dog.
    Before you adopt a new dog, you need to cover all the bases. Would you be able to take care of it the way it deserves? Would you be able to afford having it in your life? Would you be able to give your new pet a happy life? These are questions you need to find the answers to before making your decision to adopt.
  5. Pet insurance is a must.
    You have to insure your newly adopted pet dog. After all, it is not just a pet but a member of your family. In times of uncertainties, you don’t want your pet dog to be put in a situation where it may not be able to receive the care it needs.

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