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Reasons Why Pet Insurance is Important for Your Beloved Companion

by Jon Vijungco
Managing Director
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March 11, 2019

Reasons Why Pet Insurance is Important for Your Beloved Companion

Needless to say, we embrace and treat dogs, cats, and other companion animals as members of our family. Many of us do not only handle the responsibilities of taking care of a pet seriously, but even they go the extra mile in ensuring our furry family member’s safety, comfort, and happiness. A lot of us would scrutinize pet food labels to pick out the healthier choices, scour pet supply stores for the right bed and litter box, and of course, shower our pets with treats and toys.

When a pet emergency strikes, however, how prepared are you as a pet owner? Are you ready for the huge bill that may arrive, and the needed aftercare with regular medication and visits to the vet that would take up to weeks?

If you are a smart, responsible, and well-prepared pet owner, you’d know that getting pet insurance is a wise move for the following reasons:

  • Gives an Easy Way to Budget Pet Care Costs
    Pet insurance plans or policies can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or even annually, so you can decide on the best approach for your budget. Most policies even offer discounts for additional pets in the household.
  • Allows You to Choose Your Veterinarian
    Unlike human insurance policies that usually require you to use a specific health care provider, pet insurance policies allow you to obtain pet healthcare from the veterinarian of your choosing. You simply have to provide the veterinary bill to the insurance company, and you will be reimbursed for the qualified expenses.
  • Offers Peace of Mind
    Having your pet insured gives you the freedom to choose treatments for your ailing or injured pet based on the best medical options available, without thinking of the restricted family finances. Since most insurance companies reimburse up to 80% of costs after deductibles, you will have the peace of mind that your beloved companion will receive the best care.
  • Prevents Using the Family Emergency Fund
    Unexpected costs like pet emergencies may have you dipping into the emergency fund for a hefty sum. With pet insurance, you no longer have to worry about your emergency fund running low.
  • Accepts Any Breed and Age of Pet
    Though it is advisable to obtain pet insurance during your furry companion’s early years to get lower premiums and policies, you can still have your pet insured at any age without discrimination for the breed.

If you’re having trouble finding the right insurance premium or policy that will give your pet proper coverage while also suiting your budget, then let us at The Insured Pet help you. We serve pet owners in New York, California, and Illinois, providing you with a comprehensive list and guide of the pet insurance companies that suit your preferences, location, and budget.

Your pets give all their love and entrust you with their lives. Give your furry member of the family the healthcare they deserve with The Insured Pet.

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