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The Husky Journey Continues………

by Skye Rerrie
Guest Blogger
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August 9, 2018
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Let’s pick up where we left off. I did mention that my new puppy, Ares, did not come with any papers. Let me clarify. My friend had put him in the back seat while drivings him to me. I guess she did not realize that he had teeth like a shredding machine because by the time she got to me and tried to get him from the back seat of the car, his papers were shredded to bits. She tried her best to gather them up but there was no saving them. I told her not to worry because I was going to have him neutered, plus I have never been the ‘dog show’ type.

It took me until the next morning for the euphoria of getting an unexpected puppy to die down and my logic to kick in. My son and I went down on the floor and totally puppy-proofed the apartment. Everything was out of Ares way. I knew that my new puppy didn’t have his first shot yet, so I made an appointment with my veterinarian on the same day. This little blue-eyed boy was already in our blood and settled in our hearts.

When I got to my Veterinarian, he met me with a big hug. The last time we had seen each other was a sad occasion. I was there to put my fifteen-year-old shepherd/sheepdog mixdown. Months later, I am back with a new puppy. The first thing I asked was for them to implant a chip. I had become a little paranoid for the short time I had him for his safety. Ares drew a lot of attention. Everyone in the waiting room wanted to see and touch him. The vet proceeded with giving him a thorough checkup and administer his first shot, along with deworming medication.

Our next stop was the pet-store for snacks, toys, and wee pads. We spent a long time reading labels and consulting with the salesperson about the best choice of puppy food. Again at the pet store, more Husky attention. I could hear people telling other people, “Did u see the Husky?” Two people even offered to buy him. I must admit, I was very offended.

By Sunday, it was time to get him pet insurance, only the best for my Ares. My sister suggested that I go with her insurance company. She told me she generally had good experiences with them. I enrolled him in less than 20 minutes online.

Ares at 6 weeks was very fearless and rambunctious.

He had very sharp teething teeth that chomped down on everything and everyone. My mature cat, Lucky, finally came out on the third day Ares was home. She carefully walked over, smelled him, and stated her disapproval with a swift slap across his face. He reacted by running after her to play.

Our next big decision was to crate or not to crate? But that’s for my next blog.

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