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History of Pets Best

In 1979, a veterinarian named Dr. Jack Stephens had to euthanize a dog because the owners could not afford the veterinary treatment. Weeks later, the dog’s owner ran into Dr. Stephens at the store and told him, “ You’re the man who killed my dog”. This encounter changed Dr. Stephen’s life forever. He immediately began a mission to develop a solution so pet owners can be financially prepared for unexpected veterinary care. In 1981, Dr. Stephen launched the first pet insurance company in North America, VPI or otherwise known as Veterinary Pet Insurance. Years later, Dr Stephens left VPI and founded Pets Best in 2005. Today, Pets Best has quickly grown to be one of the most successful and popular insurance companies in the market.

Interesting Facts on Pets Best:

  • Pets Best was found by VPI’s founder, Dr. Jack Stephens.
  • Pets Best is the official partner for Farmers Pet Insurance, BB and T Insurance and Progressive Pet Insurance.
  • Pets Best shares the same underwriter as Trupanion, American Pet Insurance Company (APIC).
  • In 2011, Pets Best is the first insurance company to offer direct deposit of claims.
  • Pets Best makes list of “Best Places to work in Idaho” for sixth consecutive year.

Policy Coverage

Plans Offered Wellness plan, accidents plan, Major Medical (Sickness and Injuries)
Underwriter American Pet Insurance Company (APIC)
Headquarters Boise, Idaho
Where Plans Offered US, Canada, Puerto Rico
Deductible Type Annual
Deductible Options 100 to 1000
Reimbursement Options 70 – 90%
Policy Limit Options 5000, 10000, and unlimited
Lifetime Limits Up to policy limits and unlimited
Wellness Optional Coverage Yes ($16 or $26 flat rate monthly)
Upper age limits No
Vet Exam fees Yes optional
Covers Congenital/Hereditary Yes
Hips Dysplasia Yes
Prescription Medications Yes
Cancer Treatment Yes
Emergency Visits Yes
Hospitalization Yes
Surgery Yes
Prescription food No
Specialists Yes
Outpatient Care Yes
Holistic/Alternative Yes
Waiting Periods 3 days for accidents
14 days for illness
6 month for orthopedic coverage
Customer Service Monday to Friday 7 am to 7 pm mountain
Sat 10-2pm mountain
Filing Claim Options Fax, Email and Mobile App
Enrollment Requirement No exam required to enroll, but once a claim is filed, medical records from the past 18 months prior to enrollment may be requested to determine pre-existing conditions
Years in business 2005 – 13 years
30-day free look Yes (except NewYork)

Save up to 10% (5% available in most states. Additional 5% available if insuring more than one pet.)image


Save up to 10% (5% available in most states. Additional 5% available if insuring more than one pet.)image

Sample Policy

So Why Choose Pets Best?

Here are Pets Best strengths:

  • Offers short waiting periods
  • Offers wellness coverage (flat $16 or $26 rate regardless of breed and age)
  • Offers affordable accidents only plan ($6 for cats, $9 for dogs)
  • Offers fast claims reimbursements (5 to 10 days, 2-10 days direct deposit)
  • Offer 24/7 live vet helpline
  • Offers dental disease coverage
  • Offers one of the most affordable monthly premiums
  • Offers direct vet pay
  • Offers both multiple and vet staff discount
  • Offers mobile phone app for processing claims and record keeping
  • Excellent review ratings with (9.0/10) and (9.1/10)
  • Offers long established 13 year history

Here’s what great to have, but is not offered/or required by Pets Best:

  • No veterinary supplement coverage
  • No bilateral condition coverage for the other injured knee if the first knee was considered pre existing
  • Starting at age 3, pets are required to have his or her teeth cleaned 13 months prior to be eligible for dental disease coverage
  • No prescription food coverage
  • No medication coverage for holistic/alternative treatments
  • Has 6 month waiting period for knee coverage
  • No behavior therapy coverage (only consultation and medicine coverage)
  • No 24/7 customer service (closed on Sundays)
  • Has a $2.00/monthly fee assessed if pet owner chooses monthly vs annual payment

A Quick Overview on on Pets Best:
Pets Best is one of the oldest pet insurance companies in America, but what sets Pets Best from its competitors is that Pets Best offers one the most affordable monthly premiums for all of their plans – major medical, wellness options, and accidents only. In addition, Pets Best offers a 24/7 live vet helpline, excellent customer service, short waiting periods, and one of few pet insurance companies to offer direct vet pay. However, it is important to note that although Pets Best offers dental disease coverage, Pets Best will continue this coverage as long as the pet, starting at age 3, has had his or her teeth cleaned within 13 months prior.

So if you are looking for a pet insurance company with a long established 13 year history, affordable monthly premiums, and the insurer can pay your vet directly, click on the Get a quote banner below and see if Pet’s Best plans would be a great fit for your pet.