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Pet Health

6 Ways You Can Add Years to Your Pet’s Life

by Jon Vijungco
Managing Director
July 26, 2018

Dog and cat eating food from a bowl

We all love our pets and want them to live for as long as they possibly can. This article explores all the ways you can achieve this.

  • It all starts with the diet. Ensuring that our pets are healthy and beautiful goes a long way to lengthen their life. Feeding them quality food makes their furs shiny and boosts their immune system, mental sharpness, muscle strength, and intestinal health.
  • Never, ever overfeed your pets. Obesity is a state that is just as problematic in pets as they are in humans. It can lead to stroke among a myriad of other health issues in your loyal companions. Keep your pets fit, healthy, and lean and prevent them from prematurely experiencing joint problems, diabetes, and other complications.
  • Check-ups are a must.Schedule your pet an appointment with the veterinarian as regularly as possible. Choose an experienced professional with reliable credentials who are more than equipped to maintain your pet’s health.
  • Your pets’ mouths should be kept clean at all times. Oral health issues are prevalent in dogs and cats and we need to do something about them. Ignoring these problems would only lead to more health problems and perhaps, the demise of your pet. Find an effective way to clean your pet’s mouth or, better yet, take them for dental check-ups regularly. You’ll come across different kinds of solutions when doing your research. Veterinarians also provide excellent recommendations so don’t hesitate to ask.
  • Your pets should never be roaming around unsupervised. Some owners are guilty of this. We see our pets aching to go out of the compound and don’t really think twice about letting them explore, confident that they’ll come back home when they’re hungry. Well, the issue isn’t really if they’ll come home or not – because loyal pets usually do. The issue lies in the dangers that lie beyond your gate; the speeding vehicles, animals with diseases, dognappers, and much more!
  • Create a happy home for your pet. You are responsible for your pet so if you want to help extend his years for as long as possible, it’s up to you to build a home that he can be happy in. Pets are like humans too and they need to feel like they belong and that their owner loves them. They need people to live for as well.

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