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What is pet insurance? How does pet insurance work? Which pet insurance company, among the many companies to choose from, is the right one for my pet? At The Insured Pet, we can help answer these questions. We are advocates for consumers and are here to help pet owners make tough decisions. Whether you live in a big city such as Los Angeles, Chicago, or the greater New York City area or from a small city or town, we speak to you in plain language and make pet insurance easier to understand. We analyze the top pet insurance companies and translate the coverage detail into layman’s terms. In just one stop here, you be able to save time and money and be able to do all – Learn, Compare, and Confidently Choose the perfect plan for your pet – all here, in one site, one place.

Check out our pet insurance reviews for each company. Get quotes and compare plans and prices. From there, you should be able to confidently choose the right insurance plan for your pet. If you need guidance, or have a specific inquiry, just contact us.

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Pet Insurance Reviews

Healthy Paws

Consistently #1 customer-rated across multiple review sites. Offers one simple plan with no caps on payouts, excellent customer service and an easy to use mobile app. Read More...

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Aspca Pet Insurance

Offers customizable Complete CoverageSM and Accident Only plans. Offers wellness options, short waiting periods, and multiple pet discounts. Read More...

Click here to viewASPCA Pet Health Insurance Rates


Offers one simple unlimited plan that covers 90% of veterinary cost, and offers 24/7 customer service and direct vet pay. Read More...

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Offers major medical, with the most flexible wellness option plans, and excellent customer service. Read More...

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Pets Best

Offers the most affordable monthly premiums for all plans offered: major medical, fixed rate wellness options, and accidents only. Offers direct vet pay. Save up to 10%. Read More...

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The oldest and largest pet insurer. Offers Whole Pet, a truly unlimited wellness and major medical coverage for pets age one and over. The only pet insurance that covers birds and exotic pets. Read More...

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Pet First

Offers budget friendly customizable major medical and optional wellness plans. Offer multiple pet discounts, short waiting periods, and covers bilateral conditions. Read More...

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Offers the most comprehensive coverage, 24/7 customer service, and 40 years established history and reputation. Save up to 10% with code EVTEN19. Read More...

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