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The Best Gifts to Spoil an Outdoor Enthusiast (And Their Humans)

by Jose Sierra
Guest Blogger
insured pet
February 8, 2022


Giving great outdoor gear is about more than the bare necessities, even for the outdoor enthusiast who likes to bring their dog along on their adventures. Gear for hiking, camping, and all kinds of other outdoor activities is highly specialized these days, and there are options for humans and their canine explorers that make outdoor fun easier and safer than ever. The Insured Pet hopes the following ideas help!

  • The Necessities (Upgraded)
    • Food and water – Any outdoor enthusiast who takes their dog along needs an easy to pack and lightweight bowl for food and water. Today’s options for packable bowls boast amazing features, including attached duo bowls for both food and water, bowls that can be closed with a drawstring, and collapsible bowls for the ultimate in space savings. Anyone who takes long hikes or camps with their dog will need to pack more than a doggie snack. Give full nutrition for fido with TurboPUP trail bars. Each bar is a complete meal for the traveling dog, and since they’re packaged just like trail bars for people, they’re super easy to pack and feed on the go.
    • Durable leash or harness – Taking a dog for a hike isn’t the same as a stroll through the park, so any old leash just won’t cut it for the dog adventurer. Give a durable leash, or for the serious hikers, give a great harness. According to The Spruce, a collar can cause damage to a dog’s trachea when hiking, so they recommend using one of these top harnesses instead.
    • Safety gear – Safety is an absolute must for outdoor adventures, so consider giving a dog first aid kit. Consult CampTrip for thorough tips on what to include in a dog first aid kit for all the various scenarios your friend and their canine could encounter in the outdoors. Another great safety gift is an LED light or beacon that attaches to the dog’s collar for visibility. A GPS tracker that the dog wears is another safety item that gives their human peace of mind when venturing in the backcountry together. These options give them a little more freedom for off leash exploration without having to worry about them getting lost.
    • Packable dog bed – For any long or overnight trip, traveling dogs need a bed, and their humans need it to be lightweight and easy to pack. Dogtime recommends the Ruffwear Highlands bed because it fits these needs and even comes with its own stuff sack, making it ideal even for backpackers.
  • Give Something Special
    • Pet insurance – It’s bad enough when your loved one’s pet gets ill or has an injury. A serious medical bill on top of that can make it even harder. Give your friend peace of mind by purchasing them a pet insurance policy that covers checkups, illness and injury. Sites like The Insured Pet make it easy to find the best rates and the best coverage.
    • Camping cooler – If your outdoor lover typically feeds their dog a fresh diet, they’ll want to continue doing so when they’re on a camping trip. There are a range of sizes and styles, so do your research to find one that gets top marks and fits your budget.
    • Dog hiking guide – For the outdoor enthusiast who has everything they need, a dog hiking guide book will give them new options for exploring with their canine. With this book they will find trails that are dog-friendly, giving them new ideas for hikes where they live locally and also new places they may want to visit.
    • Adventure-ready toys – Give the gift of fun with a toy that is ideal for outdoor adventures. An LED dog ball is great for camping trips because they can play even after dark without worrying about losing their ball. For dogs that swim, a floating throw toy is the perfect gift for water fun.
    • Specialty vests – Vests aren’t just for keeping dogs warm in cold climates (although a warm coat is a great gift for people who get out with their dogs in cold weather). For people who are active in hot climates, a cooling vest makes a great gift that keeps their dog from overheating, allowing for more fun outdoors. A life vest is great for dogs that swim, while a reflective vest is a great option for people whose adventures don’t end at sundown.

There are more options than ever for the person on your list who loves exploring the outdoors with their dog. Give a gift that makes their outdoor travel easier, more fun, and safer, and they will appreciate your thoughtfulness for years to come.

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