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History on Trupanion

Trupanion was originally founded by Darryl Rawlings in 1999 as “Vetinsurance” in Canada. In 2005, Trupanion expanded into the United States and became the first North American pet insurance provider to become licensed to provide its own underwriting, the American Pet Insurance Company (APIC).

Here are some interesting background facts about Trupanion:

  • Trupanion is a founding member of the North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA), which educates pet owners in North America about the veterinary industry.
  • The Seattle Times named Trupanion the company with the “most unusual perk” for offering employees the option of insuring their dog or cat with a “0” deductible.
  • Trupanion is the only publicly traded pet insurance company. Trupanion trades on the Nasdaq exchange under the ticker symbol TRUP.

Policy Coverage

Plans Offered Major Medical (illnesses and Injury)
Where Plans Offered: US, Canada, and Puerto Rico
Deductible Type Per condition
Deductible Options 0 to 1,000
Reimbursement Option 90% only
Policy Limit Options Unlimited
Lifetime Limits Unlimited
Wellness Coverage Not offered
Upper age limits Yes
Vet Exam fees No
Covers hereditary/congenital Yes
Prescription Medications Yes
Cancer treatments Yes
Hips Dysplasia Yes. 30 day waiting period
Emergency Visits Yes
Hospitalization Yes
Surgery Yes
Prescription food Yes but limited for 2 months only
Specialists Yes
Outpatient Care Yes
Holistic/Alternative Yes. a separate rider (Additional Care Package)
Waiting Periods 5 days for accidents
30 day illnesses
30 day orthopedic coverage
Customer Service Offers 24/7 customer service, phone or email
Filing Claim Options Mail, Fax, Email, Website upload
Enrollment Requirements No vet exam is required to enroll, but exam required for claim payout, and yearly exam for future claim payout.
Year in Business 2005 – 13 years
30-day free look Yes
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So Why Choose Trupanion?

Here are Trupanion’s strengths:

  • One simple unlimited 90 percent coverage. Clients only choose deductible
  • Only pet insurance to offer a “0” deductible
  • Flexible deductible options from 0 to 1000.
  • Offers direct vet pay. Trupanion can pay veterinarians directly at the time of checkout. The pet owner is then responsible only for 10% of the veterinary invoice plus any deductible
  • Offers coverage for veterinary supplements
  • Offers dental disease coverage
  • Offers 24/7 pre approvals, including emergencies
  • Offers 24/7 customer service, email, and phone call.
  • Excellent reviews with Consumers advocate(9.6/10), and Petinsurance review (9.5/10)
  • Wirecutter, A New York Times Company, rates Trupanion best pet insurance, number 1 pick.
  • Trupanion is the only publicly traded pet insurance company.

While the following are great to have, Trupanion does not offer the following:

  • No vet exam fee coverage
  • No upper age enrollment for pets age 14 and above
  • No short waiting period for Illness. Illness waiting period is 30 days
  • No phone app available
  • No coverage flexibility. All plans set at 90 percent coverage
  • No wellness coverage
  • No multiple discounts for additional pets
  • Monthly rates are higher than most of their competitors
  • Does not cover other injured knee if first knee was considered pre-existing

A Quick Overview on Trupanion:
One time administration fee of $35, $25, $0 depending on the state you live in. Trupanion has been around for a long time. Many veterinary clinics recognize Trupanion and promote Trupanion because they are one of the few companies that offer direct vet pay. With veterinary care being costly, if your vet uses our unique software, Trupanion will pay their portion of the bill within seconds upon checkout. This would ease the burden for the pet owner to come up with a big portion of the bill and wait for it to be reimbursed later. Furthermore, Trupanion’s customer service is available 24/7, and preapprovals for treatments, including emergencies can be approved within 24/7. Finally, Trupanion is one of few pet insurance companies that cover supplements like Dasuquin, and the only pet insurance company that offer a “O” deductible. Although Trupanion may not cover the vet exam fees, may not offer a convenient phone app, and the monthly rates are higher than most of their competitors, Trupanion offers the convenience of direct vet pay and 24/7 customer service and pre-approvals, which the pet owner may need more during unexpected times. Finally, two members of our team tested Trupanion’s customer service, and contacted customer service at different times. The customer reps were friendly and knowledgeable, and each time a friendly rep answered, there was never a long wait hold. So if you are looking for unlimited payout coverage, with a simple 90 percent coverage plan, and want the option for the insurer to pay 90 percent of your vet bill (minus any deductible if not yet met) directly to your veterinarian at checkout, click on Get My Quote from the Trupanion banner link above, and check if Trupanion’s plans and prices will work for you and your pet.