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by Jose Sierra guarding-your-cats-against-toxoplasmosis
December 30, 2022

When you decided to become a pet owner, did you sit down and do a budget?  Perhaps you included costs for food, water, grooming, and even toys.  Many pet owners adopt or purchase their pets with their first round of shots and even spaying and neutering included, so they don’t often think about vet bills.  Often, we pass this off as a “once a year” bill and don’t think about it.  The problem is that our pets do get sick, sometimes they get injured, and often they have problems that arise when our budgets least expect it.  Buying pet insurance in New York City is important, so that you can have the coverage you need when your pet needs it the most.


New York City living is expensive, and vet bills are no exception to the rule.  If you’re ready to expect the unexpected, then you won’t have to worry about vet bills.  With The Insured Pet, we can help you find and buy pet insurance in New York City that is right for you, your pet, their medical conditions, and your budget.

The Insured pet is here to help you compare insurance companies, the benefits they offer, and get quotes so that when you buy pet insurance in New York City, you know you’re getting exactly what you need.  Whether you’re looking for a low deductible, or a low monthly payment, or you’re needing something that covers a chronic condition, we’re here to make it happen. Learn more about buying pet insurance in New York City by browsing our website

Jose Sierra
Guest Blogger

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