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What You Need to Do Before Leaving Dogs on Their Own

by Jon Vijungco
Managing Director
July 9, 2019

What You Need to Do Before Leaving Dogs on Their Own

Imagine the way your dog looks up at you before you head to work in the morning. Can you ever imagine leaving that adorable face behind? While the look on your pets’ faces practically begs you to take them along, most of the time, it’s not really something you can do. For one thing, most workplaces, schools, and establishments don’t allow pets and, another thing, people tend to not want any distractions when running errands. Plenty of real-world scenarios call for us to leave our dogs at home.

The Insured Pet, provider of the best pet insurance in Manhattan, New York, recommends that you first establish the following things before leaving your dogs at home alone.

  • A safe space.
    If you do need to leave your dogs at home, make sure they have a safe area in the house to hang out in. You can leave your pet in a secure and well-gated backyard with a shaded portion that allows them to take shelter from the rain or the heat of the sun. If you plan to leave your dog inside the house, make sure their designated safe space doesn’t have any potentially dangerous foods and tools they could easily come across.
  • Help your dog transition into alone time.
    Your dog might not want you to leave, but realistically speaking, there are times when you just have to and can’t take them along with you. Make the experience better for your loyal companion by helping them transition to being on their own. You can start by getting them used to your absence by leaving for short periods and gradually increasing that time so that even when they know it’s time for you to leave, they also know you’ll be back for them later.
  • Leave things to keep your dog occupied.
    While you’re gone, you’ll want to make sure your dog occupies his time playing or eating treats. Some dogs can spend hours chewing on toys so that would be a great item to leave with your pets and keep them entertained. You’ll want your pets to associate work and school days or the times when you’re not around the house with something fun and exciting.
  • Get another dog.
    This is definitely an option dog lovers would be up for. Why worry about your dog’s loneliness when he has another friend to keep him company? Of course, you need to make sure your pets have a designated safe space to play around and eat their treats. Make sure to leave a bowl full of clean water that will last them until you get back.

Being the devout dog lovers that we are, the last thing we want is to see our dogs sad and lonely when we leave them alone. The Insured Pet gets the best pet insurance reviews in New York and we recommend that you take these steps to ensure that your dog’s alone time at home is a happy experience.

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