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Pet Care, Summer and Pets

Summer Is Here …………..Here Are 7 Tips To Keep Your Pet Hydrated and Cool.

by Denise Sickels
Guest Blogger
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June 4, 2018

Wet dog after playing in water & rolling in mud

Here in Southwest Florida—in Cape Coral, Florida to be exact, it could get really hot here. !00 degrees or more in the summer is common here. As a pet parent to a 5 year old Schnauzer, named Maslow, and a practice manager at a busy veterinary hospital here in Cape Coral, Florida, here are some tips that I myself practice and share with all the veterinary staff and pet parents I encounter everyday:

1.) Walk your pet during times when the weather is not hot. I suggest you walk pet dog early in the morning and in the evening when the weather is cooler. This way, your pet will not overheat and have his paws feel the scorching hot sidewalk;
2.) Keep a small baby pool in the backyard filled with cool water. This way, your pet can walk around the pool to cool down;
3.) Keep your pet’s haircut nice and short during the summer. Having long hair in the summer will make him feel feel uncomfortable, so a nice short haircut will make the pet feel cool;
4.) Keep your pet in shaded areas. Yes, shaded areas will keep your pet cool and away from the hot sun;.
5.) Keep your car air-conditioned during the whole car ride. Also, when you leave the car, take them with you. Do not leave your pet in the car for any length of time.
6.) Keep your refrigerator full of cold snacks like cut-up cold banana slices, and chilled water. This way when your pet is thirsty or may want a snack, the pet will enjoy something nice and cool. Finally,
7.) Keep a spray bottle filled with cold water. Sometimes a little spray on the face will keep your pet feeling cool.
Keeping your pets cool this summer is very important. It only takes a while for them to overheat and be in distress. For some breeds, its best they stay home in air-conditioned homes and only go outside for a short while for a bathroom break. Hope these tips are helpful. Enjoy your summer, and always remember to keep your pets cool.

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