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5 Simple Tips to Keep Your Pet Dogs Healthy

by Jon Vijungco
Managing Director
December 24, 2018

5 Simple Tips to Keep Your Pet Dogs Healthy

As dog owners, we have a responsibility to keep our pet dogs healthy. After all, they are living with us and there’s always a risk that any diseases they contract would negatively impact the home environment as well. However, that shouldn’t be the sole reason why we should take care of our pets; we should do so because we chose to welcome them into our lives, not just as mere animals to keep us company, but as friends and loyal companions.

Here are a few simple tips to keep your dogs in the best of health.

  1. Get a good veterinarian
    Choosing a vet is crucial. You need one that is able to handle your dog as an individual. He or she needs to be aware of your pet’s specific needs to be able take care of them in the best possible way. A vet should have graduated from a good vet school, have a reputable reputation, and have a loyal clientele. These things would tell you all you need to know about the veterinarian and convince you to hire him to take care of your pet dog.
  2. A healthy and balanced diet
    Dogs need to follow a good diet as well. Dog food can offer them the complete nutritional package they need. Get your veterinarian to recommend you a good brand of dog food.
  3. Make sure your dogs get enough exercise
    It’s important for your pet dogs to be able to move around and exercise their muscles. If you keep them caged, be sure there is enough space for them to walk around. Scheduling walks from time to time is also important. Just like how fitness is vital to you, it’s also essential for your dogs.
  4. Dog Vitamins
    Supplement your dog’s nutrition with doggie vitamins. Your dog’s veterinarian should have no problem recommending a good brand. This is especially important for dog breeds that easily get sick. Give them an immune system boost with quality vitamins and supplements.
  5. Give your dogs attention
    Dogs have emotional needs as well. They need you, their owner, to find time to play with them. When you show them this kind of love, they will give it back to you tenfold. After all, dogs aren’t called a man’s best friend for nothing.

Ensuring that your dogs are in the best of health is no easy feat. Having a pet dog is like having a small child; you will have to spend a considerable amount of your budget for its needs, especially with regards to its health. Pet insurance can help you pay for those vet bills and ensure that your pets get the care they deserve.

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