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Protecting Your Pets against Accidents

by Jon Vijungco
Managing Director
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July 11, 2018

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Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime, and to anyone, especially to our pets. These accidents can range from harmless to serious injury. In the event that your pet gets injured due to an accident and requires expert medical care, having a pet insurance can help you with the financial resources you need to take care of your furry companion. Here are a few of the many different ways the best pet insurance in Manhattan, New York, can help protect your pets against accidents:

  • Emergencies
    You never know when your pet will get into an accident, especially if they are an outdoor pet. These accidents can lead to severe injury to your pet, such as getting hit by a car or falling from a tree. In my own case, I brought my dog to Coney Island beach in Brooklyn, and she swallowed sand, and could not eat or move thereafter. That episode lead to 4 days in an expensive ER hospital and a $8,000 bill. Pet Insurance saved me. The hard part is that while I was prepared, most of us are not financially prepared to handle the expensive medical fees to help our pets recover. Pet insurance can help you get the care your pet needs. Veterinary services are now expensive especially when your pet requires surgery or extensive care. To help shoulder the financial burden that this entails, pet insurance can help pay most of the expenses incurred.
  • Simple Procedures
    Sometimes our pets will get into an accident that will cause mild injuries. These injuries can heal over time but we want to provide the best for our pets. Simple veterinary procedures can help speed up the healing process or reduce the pain your pet is going through. Having pet insurance will make this much easier to afford, and in many cases, some procedures are completely covered by the insurance you have. Even some of the most affordable pet insurance in Brooklyn, New York, covers many procedures.
  • Routine Check Ups
    When your pet is recovering from an injury caused by an accident, they may require routine check-ups. This is to ensure they are healing properly. With pet insurance, these check-ups are covered and can help you save a lot of money and hassle.

The reasons above are just a few of the many ways pet insurance can protect your pet against accidents and ensure they are able to receive the care they deserve. If you would like to find out more about pet insurance, I recommend you check out pet insurance reviews in New York or get in touch with The Insured Pet, a consumer friendly pet insurance review and advisory site, where you can learn about pet insurance, compare the top pet insurance companies offering the best plans, and confidently choose the perfect plan to protect both you and your pet.

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