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Veterinary Care

Why Insured Pets Are Good For Your Practice

by Heather Allman
Guest Blogger
insured pet
May 22, 2018

For a veterinary clinic, compliance and return visits are a big deal. Considering that most pets only visit the vet one time per year this can be a hard business model for growth. This is why your practice should be focused on talking to clients about pet insurance. Pet insurance is like a security blanket not only for the client and their pet, but also for your practice. According to AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) pets that have insurance visit the vet 4 times more than pets that are not insured. Also, during these visits, the clients end up spending more on average.

Imagine your clients coming to see you more, doing all of the treatments that you recommended and they are comfortable with their bill at the end of their visit. This is why having more clients on pet insurance can be beneficial to your practice. You get to practice the best medicine without having to change the treatment plan from plan A to plan B or C because you know they are financially protected. It may be daunting to think about educating your clients on pet insurance but luckily there are great options out there to choose from. Also, this is where the Insured Pet comes in handy as you can just send them to the website to see comparisons, get quotes and pick the perfect plan for them and their pet in minutes. Pet insurance is more than just security for your clients; it’s a great tool for your practice to grow and to provide the best medicine all the while being conscious of your clients’ budget.

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