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Hacks for Your Hound – The Four Best Apps for First-Time Dog Owners

by Jose Sierra
Marketing Director
August 5, 2022

a dog lies on the ground

Are you thinking of adding or did you recently add a new member to your household? New dog owners are often shocked at just how much effort goes into taking proper care of a dog. MoneyUnder30 points out many first-time owners are surprised to find how much cost is involved, especially with things like emergency vet visits. We aren’t always fully prepared. Between proper food, toys, illnesses, training, and bedding, it’s easy to be just as overwhelmed with a new puppy as a new baby.

For your dog, you may just be using your smartphone to find a free image resizer before posting pics of your pup to social media. Fortunately, the age of technological discovery has ushered in a generation of amazing smartphone apps that cater specifically to new dog owners. They offer a wide range of information on dog ownership and care with many fun features to make life as a dog parent easier than ever.

With your device of choice in hand, a reliable charger (you can invest in charging pads and stands if you want something a little different), and a steady internet connection in place, here are four of the best apps to download for you and your pup, presented by The Insured Pet.


Has anybody walked the dog? You will never have to ask that question again once you have the Whistle app and GPS tracker. It keeps track of many aspects of your dog’s behavior in order to help you make better decisions about your dog’s health.

Combined with a GPS tracker on the collar, Whistle tracks your dog’s activity levels, helping you make sure your dog stays in good shape. The Whistle app also provides you with an overall health score to help you maintain a general understanding of how your dog is doing.


Puppr is the perfect helper when you are training your dog. It offers easy-to-follow instructions for basic commands such as down, sit, and heel, as many other more elaborate commands for later on down the line. Instructions have pictures so they are super easy to understand.

There are more than 50 commands, from basic obedience to advanced circus tricks. A built-in clicker helps with training and saves you money on hiring a pro. As Positively explains, clicker training is useful because it tells your dog a reward is coming so quickly that it’s an especially effective reinforcer. And if questions arise, you can use the live chat feature to learn more about your pup’s training experience.


The number of times you wonder if you can feed something to your dog is about to surprise you. It’s common knowledge that chocolate is bad for your dog, but what else? Can you cook a meal for both you and your dog? iKibble is an app that offers a wealth of information on what is safe for a dog to eat.

iKibble tells you what foods are good or bad for your dog based on a star rating system. You can browse foods you are curious about to find out how they can affect your dog. Save your favorites to come back to later. It is a free app with a charge to remove ads.


The health of our pets is as important to us as our own. With the Pawprint app, you can access your pet’s medical records directly from the vet. Especially helpful if you travel a lot with your pet, you can access vet records to share with other service providers in an instant. You can also set up reminders for anything from flea dips to immunizations and track important information throughout the life of your pet. You’ll never have to guess when it’s time for grooming or a vet visit again.

Dog ownership can be challenging. Put your smartphone to good use with one of these great apps for new dog owners. It’s not only a way to navigate the challenges, but it can also bring the two of you closer and help make you the best pet parent ever!

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