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Pet Insurance for Dogs – What’s Not Covered?

by Jose Sierra
Guest Blogger
insured pet
February 25, 2022

When it comes to pet insurance for dogs, the professionals at The Insured Pet are passionate about their pets and know that finding the best pet insurance shouldn’t be a difficult process.  Also, a big part of the reason that pet owners get insurance is because they want to know that no matter what happens, their pet is going to have the care that they need.  We get that at The Insured Pet, and we can help you create a custom plan for your dog that covers almost everything, but there are some things that aren’t typically covered that you should be aware of, that way you can ask for these things if you need them.

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Pre-Existing Conditions

If you don’t cover your pup before they are diagnosed with something, then just like insurance for humans, those pre-existing conditions aren’t generally covered.

Cosmetic Procedures

This includes things like tail docking, dewclaw removal, ear cropping, and things like that.  Cosmetic procedures don’t endanger the dog’s life, so they aren’t usually covered with any insurance.

Special Diets

If you discover that your fur-baby needs a special diet, then that dogfood isn’t covered.  There are plenty of options for discounts on special foods, you can do a quick google search for pet supply stores that offer discounts and specials on the food that you are needing.


If you are breeding your dog, then the cost for stud fees isn’t covered, nor is the cost of having a professional on hand for the birthing process.

At The Insured Pet, we are a pet insurance company that is completely independent, and we provide our services with your pet’s needs as the first priority.  Since we know that many vet offices offer insurance plans, it is important that you know that you have a choice.  If you have questions, please feel free to browse our website for more information, at

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