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7 Ways To Make Your Dog Happy for Holidays!

by Xavier James
Guest Blogger
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December 13, 2021


Our time with our little pups is quite very limited. On average, a dog lives for about 12-14 years, which is approximately 1/3rd of our lives. The holidays and occasions that we get to spend with them during this limited period can be counted on our fingers.

Naturally, that makes us want to do more and more and make the best of this time. We want our pups to have a good and enjoyable time with us. None of us would ever want our dogs to feel excluded or unhappy on the most joyous of days.

So here we’ve compiled seven interesting ways to spend a healthy time with your dog and celebrate the holidays rightfully.

  1. Treat Your Dog with Favorite Snacks

    On holidays, treat your dogs with their favorite snacks. If you already give it to them weekly, then take a step ahead and opt for a snack that they haven’t tried yet or have tried in a long time. The goal here is to bring a change in their feed that they would like. Why? Well, that would reinforce some holiday-like feelings.

    Some ideas for healthy treats include cooked sweet potatoes, strawberries, broccoli, peanut-butter dog treats, and yogurt-based dog treats. Usually, most prepared dog treats are available in the form of crackers.

  2. Share Your Personal Space

    Your bedtime is the best phase when you can nicely cuddle and lean your head on your furry baby. During this time, your act of sniffing and snuggling will transmute a signal of intimacy and tenderness to your dog.

    Sleeping with your puppy also has many health benefits for both of you. Allowing your dog to sleep with you indicates that you are part of his pack that, in return, nourishes your bonding.

  3. Gift Him A Dog Portraits

    Have you ever wondered if dogs can recognize pictures? Well, you will be surprised, but yes, they can understand the images. They cannot identify the places and things in photos; however, your pup can be good at facial recognition.

    So, how is the idea of gifting your doggo with exquisite dog portraits of himself? That will be awesome if you decorate his room with fabulous dog portraits. You can also display them with your family photos. In this wise, whenever your Fido sees his dog portraits, he will ultimately grasp a sense of compassion for you.

  4. Buy Newer Toys

    Needless to say, dogs are full of energy, especially when they are younger. Although they can play with toys you bought ages ago for years, newer toys always tend to excite them. The mechanism here is very much similar to that of toddlers. Imagine what you would surprise a super active, enthusiastic, and inquisitive 3-year-old with? That’s exactly how it works!

  5. Take them out

    If you have a busy schedule, which affects your dog’s outdoor time, it’s best to set it right during the holidays. You’ll be home, so it’s best to compensate for the outdoor time that your dog compromises on.

    Take them out for a good walk, or perhaps take them out on a long drive. You can even take them with you to malls or restaurants that are pet-friendly.

  6. Groom & Tidy them up

    Similar to taking your pet out, grooming is also an excellent way of making your pup’s day. Although they may be reluctant to take a show (especially if it’s winter), you will find your pup very pleased and refreshed by the end of the grooming session. Remember regular showers will not only keep you healthy but also happy.

    You can even conduct a dry grooming session where you need not get them wet. Instead, give them a wet towel bath or use a dry shampoo.

  7. Praise them Verbally & Physically

    Dogs have an impressive level of understanding – both intellectually and emotionally. National geographic verifies that.

    They may not be able to speak or comprehend our language accurately. But they’re certainly capable of understanding tones and energies. So, on holidays, ensure that you brighten up their day with positive praise.

Final Thoughts
All in all, there are a hundred different ways to make your pup happy in the upcoming holidays. These are only some ideas to help you have a jumpstart. Feel free to flavor them your way!

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