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Cat Insurance

Insurance for Your Cat? Here’s Why You Need It!

by Jon Vijungco
Managing Director
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December 6, 2021


When we love, we ensure everything goes well for those we care about. Our pets are valuable to us and because of this, we do what we can to protect them.

Do you love cats? How many do you have? If you own pets, having pet insurance is a smart move. It uses the same principle as we have on people and assets. Pet insurance can help you in the long run.

Caring for a cat is not always on the sunny side. There are unfortunate situations when they get sick or get injured. Some of these incidents may be addressed by first aid but not all of us are trained or confident to do it. Treating your cat’s injuries is best left to the veterinarian. Having pet insurance provides you with protection on the treatment costs.

Depending on the terms of your pet insurance, it also ensures your cat is getting the care it deserves. Routine checkups should not be taken for granted.

If you have unexpected expenses, having insurance can save you money. Now, you can focus on getting your cat to recover rather than finding the funds to pay for the costs.

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