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Pet Insurance for Dogs:  The Most Common Insurance Claims

by Jose Sierra
Guest Blogger
insured pet
March 16, 2022

Are you considering pet insurance for your dog, but are wondering what the most common insurance claims might be and whether or not it is worth it?  Pet insurance for dogs is a safety net needed by the majority of dog owners.  Since our dogs bring us an unparalleled sense of joy and happiness, most people will do whatever it takes to keep their furry friend healthy.  Pet insurance for your dog can help you in case there is an unexpected illness or injury, so that you don’t have to decide between your pet and your rent.


The most common insurance claims for dogs are:

#1 – Gastrointestinal Issues

Gastrointestinal issues can include blockages, when a dog has something caught or stuck in the intestinal tract.  Other issues may include bacteria, viruses, parasites, and bloating.  All of these issues require veterinary attention.

#2 – Skin Issues

While not necessarily life threatening, skin allergies, and atopy account for the next most popular use of pet insurance for dogs.  Many pups eventually suffer from some type of skin allergy, and need their pet insurance to cover the treatments for these issues.

#3 – Cancer

While some dog breeds are more prone to cancer than other breeds, studies show that over half of dogs end up with some form of cancer.  These treatments can become expensive, so pet insurance could be beneficial.

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