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Adopting A Dog

How to Adopt a Pet and Build a Business at the Same Time

by Jose Sierra
Guest Blogger
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March 21, 2022


Sometimes, life throws us many major milestones all at once. For example, you might find yourself in the middle of launching a business when you come across a shelter pet that needs a loving home. Launching a business while settling into life with a new pet doesn’t have to be as stressful as it sounds. With the right tools and resources on your side, everything will go smoothly! Check out the following tips from The Insured Pet to make your life easier during this exciting time.

  • Learn How to Run a Business

    The more you know about running a business, the better. Robust knowledge of business practices will enable you to make the most effective decisions for your business, maximize productivity, and ensure you have the best shot at success. Consider going back to school to hone your business skills. You could even enroll in an online business program and earn a degree! Online colleges for business make it easy to learn on the side, so you can still be around to care for your new pet and manage your startup.

  • Establish a Daily Routine

    As you settle into your new life as a pet owner and entrepreneur, a daily routine can help you stay grounded. Map out your day on a calendar app and include blocks for essential things you need to get done every day, like walking the dog and tackling basic business management tasks. Remember to take regular breaks from work to maximize your own productivity and give your pet some attention. With a regular routine, your pet will know what to expect throughout the day so they’ll be less likely to demand a walk or play session when you really need to work. As Preventive Vet explains, your routine doesn’t have to be strict, but it should provide some structure to your pet’s day.

  • Prepare Your Home for a Pet

    Setting up a space for your pet and properly pet-proofing your home will go a long way towards helping your furry friend get settled. Plus, when you know your pet can’t get into your garbage or chew on electrical cords, you’ll be able to work without checking on them to ensure their safety. Be sure to set up a little space for your pet in your office. You can train your dog to relax in their spot by dropping the occasional treat while they’re resting on their bed.

  • Hire a Professional Trainer

    If your new pet is exhibiting problem behaviors that make it difficult for you to focus on your business, consider hiring a trainer to improve these issues. For example, iHeartDogs recommends hiring a trainer if your dog has issues with nipping, door bolting, jumping, resource guarding, or leash pulling.

    A trainer can also help if your dog whines or barks at you for attention when you’re trying to work at your computer. Your trainer can also help your dog learn to relax on a mat for any length of time. This is a valuable skill that will help your dog learn to be calm in a variety of situations.

  • Keep Your Pet Mentally and Physically Stimulated

    A tired dog is a happy dog. When dogs get a chance to burn off energy and work their brains, they’re less likely to behave poorly. Take your pup for a long walk in the morning before you start work, letting them sniff around and explore their surroundings. If your dog gets bored in the afternoon, a puzzle toy can keep them occupied and tire them out—often more so than physical exercise! You could even splurge on an automatic treat-dispensing toy if you need a long-lasting distraction.

Settling a new pet into your home will require a great deal of your time and attention. Don’t let this derail the launch of your new business! Plan ahead, learn how to train your pet from day one, and don’t hesitate to contact a professional if you need help.

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