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Quick Tips on Getting Your Business Up and Running While Adopting a Pet

by Jose Sierra
Guest Blogger
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July 29, 2021

Quick Tips on Getting Your Business Up and Running While Adopting a Pet

Despite being one of the most stressful times in recent world history, the pandemic did have a few positives. Two areas that shone brightly in 2020, as well as into 2021, are new business openings spearheaded by COVIDpreneurs and pet adoptions, according to NPR and CNBC, respectively. In fact, many people have chosen to do both at the same time. It might not always be easy, but the following tips presented by The Insured Pet can help if you plan to make these two major life changes at the same time.

  • Invest in pet insurance.
    If you’ve never owned a pet before, you might not know that you can find pet insurance through great companies like The Insured Pet. Having a pet insurance policy in place will help you pay for unexpected fees, such as emergency veterinary services. Something else to consider here is offering pet insurance as a benefit if you plan to hire people to work for your small business.
  • Create a daily routine.
    Pets thrive on routines, and so do businesses. So, create a daily routine that allows you to focus your time on each when it’s needed most. For example, your pet may need a bathroom break, exercise, and food first thing in the morning, while your business may need your attention to take phone calls or answer orders shortly after lunch.
  • Tackle business basics early.
    As a COVIDpreneur, running a business means that you have to take care of important issues early. One example: forming your business structure. If you want to enjoy the tax advantages and the reduced personal liability of an LLC, handle this while your business is in infancy. You can save money by using a formation service. This will be one less task to take away your attention as you build your business and your relationship with your new animal.
  • Train often and early.
    Training your new pet should be high on your list of priorities. If you plan to bring them into the office, they should, at minimum, understand and obey sit, stay, and down. You’ll also want your pet to have manners, which means being quiet. The Humane Society suggests desensitizing your dog to stimuli that would otherwise leave them barking, growling, and agitated. A quiet dog is a fabulous companion during the workday; a loud one is not.
  • Find an office with a yard.
    If you don’t plan to work from home, you’ll want to invest in an office building with access to an outdoor area. Ideally, can buy or rent a location with a small yard that you can put a temporary or permanent barrier around. This will give your dog a safe place to play and burn off excess energy when he needs it most.
  • Install cameras when you can’t be with your pet.
    Video cameras are an integral part of your home and office security. However, they can also help you keep tabs on your pet. Chances are, you cannot bring them into the office with you every single day. Use your indoor cameras to see what your pet is up to, or if you’re comfortable with new technology, you can even find devices that dispense treats when Fido has been a good boy but you’re not there to offer a handout.
  • Use a dog walking service.
    Finally, don’t be shy about outsourcing some of your animal care responsibilities. If you have a dog, for example, find a sitter or dog walking service that can take them out once or twice each day if you can’t break away from your desk. This will ensure that your animal has human interaction and reduces the chance of them having an unexpected accident in the office.

There are so many benefits of starting your own business and adopting a dog or other pet. That said, each of these requires lots of time and attention. The above tips can help you manage both so you can enjoy the best of each of your new endeavors. If you need more advice, talk to your veterinarian about other ways to keep your pet happy and safe while you work.

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