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Why Indoor Pets Need Pet Insurance

by Jose Sierra The Insured Pet
January 19, 2023
A grey cat hiding under a blanket.

Why Indoor Pets Need Pet Insurance

“We all know that outdoor pets are generally more prone to injuries. However, that doesn’t mean that pets living indoors are completely injury-proof. While the chances that something that requires a vet’s attention happens to your pet inside your home are lower, they’re still not zero. Apart from that, there are health conditions that any pet can suffer from, no matter where they spend their time. Frequent visits to the vet can get quite expensive, especially if they’re unplanned. Having pet insurance can help put your mind and finances at ease. Here are a few reasons indoor pets need pet insurance just as much as outdoor pets do.

A brown dog sitting on a big grey dog bed.

Indoor pets generally live better, but they can still get health issues.

Indoor pets can get injured too.

Your indoor pet probably won’t get into a fight with a stray animal or fall off a cliff. That being said, plenty of pet injuries can happen around the house. Unfortunately, that means that your indoor pets aren’t immune to them. Falls from a height can happen if your pets are climbers (and let’s face it, most of them are). Fractures and sprains are very painful for your furry friends. Depending on your area, they can also cost quite a lot to sort out at the vet’s office.

Another common cause of injury is foreign object ingestion. House cats and dogs love to chew on all sorts of different things. While there’s nothing wrong with that, sometimes they can swallow something they shouldn’t. Besides being a choking hazard, foreign object ingestion can cause many internal injuries. You can try removing all things they absolutely shouldn’t chew on from your home. Renting a storage unit that fits your needs to keep all of them in one place could be a good idea. However, this isn’t a viable option for everyone. Having pet insurance is a certain way to know you’ll be able to keep any problem that foreign object ingestion causes under control.

If you live in a warmer area, heat strokes are another possibility that you need to keep in mind. Accidents can still happen even with all possible precautions you take to avoid them. Time is of the essence there, so knowing your pet is insured can help you act quickly and less panicked.

A French bulldog sits on a veterinarian's office table.

Visiting the vet is a must when your pets get injured.

They aren’t immune to sickness.

Living indoors can protect your pets from specific health issues. They aren’t in contact with other animals, so they likely won’t get anything transferred to them. Unfortunately, there are many illnesses your indoor pets can get, even if they don’t go outside. Conditions like cancer, diabetes, or heart disease can happen to any pet. That is why indoor pets need pet insurance as well. Getting them the best possible healthcare when those unfortunate situations happen is crucial.

Before getting into treatment, your pet will need to get a proper diagnosis. Many pet insurance plans cover the complete diagnostic process. This includes all sorts of scans and imaging techniques, blood work, and much more. Getting the proper diagnosis as quickly as possible is very important as you’ll be able to start your pet’s treatment sooner.

Many of these treatments require prescription medications. These can get quite expensive, as you’ll have to pay for them on top of all the vet appointments. Of course, most of us would give anything for the well-being of our pets. Still, these kinds of unplanned expenses can cause you financial troubles. Having the insurance cover them can be a lifesaver, so it’s definitely worth considering.

Indoor pets tend to gain more weight.

In order to be at their healthiest, our pets need to be active. Different breeds of cats and dogs require different levels of activity. However, the basic rules of metabolism work the same for pets and humans. They can quickly become overweight if they overeat and move too little. On top of that, many people tend to overfeed their indoor pets. Pets can get quite persuasive when they beg for food, so you might give them too many snacks throughout the day. Also, it’s easy to overfeed your pet by serving them more significant portions than they need. Nobody does this with bad intentions, but it can still cause issues.

Excessive weight in pets, like in humans, can cause several severe health conditions. Overweight pets are prone to developing diabetes. Also, constant pressure on their joints can cause pain and arthritis, limiting their movement. All these things can shorten their lifespan, so doing your best to avoid them should be a priority. However, managing them is a must if they have already happened. Multiple visits to the vet may be necessary to discuss treatment and diet changes.

An overweight pug sitting on a stool.

Excessive weight is a common reason indoor pets need pet insurance.

Many older pets need dental care.

Pretty much every pet owner wants their pet to live forever. While that’s unfortunately not possible, there are many things you can do to extend their lifespan. One of them is taking care of their teeth. Older pets tend to develop issues with oral health. If they’re not kept under control, they can cause the loss of teeth, which is problematic for many reasons. Losing teeth can cause their mouth to get infected and affect their eating habits. That is why taking care of your pet’s oral health is absolutely necessary.

An obvious way to do so is to clean their teeth by brushing them regularly. But let’s face it; many pets won’t sit still long enough for you to do it. Thus, it’s better to leave it to the professionals. Your vet can suggest a pet dental specialist that can keep your pet’s mouth healthy for a long time.


Every pet owner wants their pet to feel as good as possible. Apart from showing them love with cuddles and kisses, this also includes taking care of their health. Simply put, a healthy pet is a happy pet. That is why indoor pets need pet insurance — knowing that you can solve any health issue that arises quickly and efficiently will give you peace of mind. More importantly, your pet will live a much longer and healthier life. For your pet insurance needs, please check out pet insurance reviews with TheInsuredPet: #1 Pet Insurance Review Site/Top 8 Best Affordable Plans to find out which pet insurance best suits you and your pet.

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Katherine Williams is a nurse at a veterinarian clinic and a huge animal lover. Years of working in pet healthcare provided her with profound knowledge of keeping pets healthy. She spends her free time volunteering in an animal shelter.

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