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6 Surprising Ways to Help You Save on Veterinary Costs

by Jon Vijungco
Managing Director
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May 10, 2018

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Pet insurance is one of the greatest ways to help you save on unexpected vet bills. However, did you know that there are plenty of other simple measures that you can take to help you save on veterinary costs?

At The Insured Pet, we have listed down 6 surprising ways that can help you save, as well as keep your pets safe from harm:

    • Make sure your pet has good oral hygiene. Take good care of your pet’s teeth. Remember, poor oral hygiene can lead to infection and disease. Observing proper oral hygiene can help you save on costly teeth extractions, dental cleanings, and you can save your pet from a lot of pain as well.
    • Pet-proof your home. To keep your new puppy or kitten safe at home, make sure to remove any potential hazards or keep away from reach. For instance, make sure that you secure loose wires or cords, pick up any small objects on the floor, and hide away your cleaning supplies. Puppies and kittens are naturally curious and they usually end up eating/licking anything in sight.
    • Vaccinate your pet. Vaccinations can protect your pet against contagious and deadly diseases. It may also improve your pet’s overall quality of life. Yes, you will have to spend some money on the cost of vaccination, but it is relatively cheaper compared to the costs you might incur if your pet gets sick. Note: Talk to your pet’s veterinarian. Make sure to follow the vaccination schedule they provide.
    • Schedule regular check-ups. Make sure to schedule routine wellness exams. This will help your vet catch any health problems early on (before it becomes severe and more expensive to treat). Yes, this requires you to spend some money, but again, it is relatively cheaper to the costs you will incur if your pet becomes sick.
    • Exercise them regularly to maintain a healthy weight. Keep your pets active and encourage them to exercise regularly. Make sure that your pet maintains a healthy weight. Remember, being overweight can lead to weight-related health issues such as osteoarthritis or diabetes.
    • Secure your home. Does your pet like to wander? If your pet escapes the safety of your home, it becomes vulnerable to a host of injuries and accidents. So, in order to prevent fights with other animals, car accidents, and other dangers, make sure to properly secure it at home. If needed, leash your pet, monitor potential escape routes, and/or set up a fence.

What are your thoughts regarding these tips? Do you have your own suggestions?

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