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Transitioning Into Assisted Living as a Pet Owner

by Jose Sierra The Insured Pet
February 24, 2023
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When the time comes that you or a loved one can no longer live independently at the family home, the next step is to find the right senior living community. Pet owners should not be deprived of the companionship of their furry friends, however. The good news is that many assisted living facilities are actually very pet-friendly and encourage the presence of animal companions for their residents. Finding a pet-friendly nursing home in your area requires a bit of research, but you can prepare to make the transition by checking out these helpful tips from The Insured Pet.

How To Find a Pet-Friendly Senior Living Community

It goes without saying that if you need skilled nursing care, you must find the right nursing home for your unique situation. If you wish to bring your pet with you on the move, conduct a search online to find assisted living facilities that allow animals. Be aware that pet-friendly communities allow a variety of small animals, but there may be a weight limit when it comes to certain dog breeds that grow to larger sizes.

When you find a senior living option that interests you, make sure to read reviews and learn more about costs and payment options before proceeding. You should also call the facility directly and ask about any pet-related concerns you may have, such as whether or not there is a space to walk your dog or if the staff helps care for pets.

How To Pay for Assisted Living

Assisted living can be a long-term cost commitment. Once you have an idea of how much your chosen facility will charge for your residency, you can start planning for your financial future. One of the biggest sources for financing your assisted living costs is by selling your current home. Keep in mind that you can make certain upgrades to your house before selling so as to greatly increase your profit. Popular home renovations include kitchen remodels, energy-efficient redesigns, and aesthetic landscaping.

How To Care for Your Pet in Assisted Living

Moving into a senior care facility can be even more stressful on a pet than it is for a human. Before making the transition, consider if your pet needs time to adjust to a slightly more confined lifestyle. Remember that your pet’s health remains the top concern, even in your new living situation. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the nearest vet upon moving into your community. You should also continue to make regular appointments for pet dental care with specialists like K-9 Smiles, as well as other health maintenance services.

How Pets Can Improve Your Senior Living Experience

As you move forward with relocating to an assisted living situation, it is important to recognize how your pet helps improve your quality of life. Experts explain that having a pet in your life can improve mental health. Your pet provides companionship, reduces depression, and helps facilitate social interactions. Your physical health will benefit as your pet keeps you active during daily walks and play. These are all considerations to never take for granted.

Choosing a pet-friendly senior living community is the right course of action for individuals with an important animal companion in their life. Moving into assisted living does not have to mean putting your pet up for adoption. If animal companionship contributes to your happiness, then you should not deprive yourself as you transition into the next phase of your life.

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